This desk was sold in April 2021

I’m sad to see this go, but not sad to never lift it again.

Have you ever bought something to spite someone? Then, because of the spite the object was filed with power and memories?

Me either. 😬

But if I had, it would have been a desk that was huge and heavy and quite frankly, super ugly. My husband at the time hated it. So what did I do? Painted it bright yellow and painted the handles purple. The more he hated it the more I loved it.

Then we divorced. Not because of the desk, the desk was only symbolic of how different we were. Really the divorce didn’t happen for a few more years. This desk saw me through my senior year of college, my first work from home job, then starting a business. It has moved states, houses and phases of my life.

So why am I getting rid of it? Because I’m moving states again and the last couple of years it’s just been a flat surface to gather clutter. I loved it and everything it meant to me, but I’m ready to move on. The wonderful thing about divorce is that you can buy all the weird furniture you want and have bright, bold colors in your life.

It’s time this desk brightens someone else’s life- or is an object of spite. Who am I to judge?

It weighs a million and one pounds. You’ve got to come and get it and bring a friend to help you lift it. You both need masks because #covid.