This piano was listed in April 2021. It hasn’t sold yet! You can make this piano’s dreams come true!

This piano (Young Chang U-111 studio upright) was supposed to fill my home with music. I was going to not only become a better pianist myself, but my kids would all learn too. We would have a band! It would be our thing!1

You know what they say about good intentions right? Sigh.

They also say a lot of things about kids and leading horses to water…

I don’t who “they” are but they sure talk a lot of smack.

Anyway- It’s a pretty great piano. It deserves better than the neglect it’s been subjected to in our home. Maybe you can make your dreams come true while helping the piano fulfill it’s destiny!

There are some minor scratches to the finish and one of the wheels comes out when you lift it over thresholds as you move it- but I promise that doesn’t effect the sound, unless you’re planning on playing while rolling it? If so I admire your skill.

It plays well, all the keys work, was tuned 18 months ago or so?

Located at 107th ave/buckeye. You’ll need to pick up or arrange for piano movers.

  1. Spoiler alert, they would not have a band.»