This chair was sold in March 2021

This chair is super cute, but not super sturdy. One of the legs is a bit wonky but may be able to be repaired. I feel a little bad talking about the chair leading with it’s flaws. We all have flaws after all. That doesn’t mean we don’t have value. If you insult me don’t I cry? 1

I’ve kept it by my front door for ages and people set purses, bags and the mail on it. It would be a great place to put a plant, if you can keep plants alive that is.

Don’t think of it as a chair you can’t sit on but an end table that looks like a chair. My cat loves it, you’ll love it too!2

It’s cute decor, or as the kids these days say, “it’s for the aesthetic.”

  1. At least if I hear you, I’m getting more and more hard of hearing the older I get. Maybe that’s a virtue of age?»
  2. Not saying you’re a cat. But how would I know? Maybe you’re a super talented cat who can cruise Facebook looking for new places to sit?»