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The Van

The Van

Sleeping in the van that night with the sound of the rain on the roof was so relaxing. It’s hard to explain just how good it felt that this thing I had been dreaming about doing for so long was finally happening. But the story only gets better from there, because I was about to meet Ed Jr. 

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Hi, I’m Amber Pechin

Welcome to my site.

I have three goals

•Go all the places.
•Meet all the people (and dogs.)
•Tell all the stories.

Want to hear all about it? Pull up a chair and stay awhile. I’ll make pancakes, we’ll laugh, we’ll cry and we’ll be friends. It’ll be the best ever.



These are the things I write about

The Roads We Travel 

This post is part of a project to post a photo and a 1,500+ word story every day for 100 days in a row. Today is day 2 In an effort to streamline this project, I've spent the last couple of days sorting through photos to potentially use. It's been a mix of enjoyable...

100 days of Stories- Imperfect but Consistent

Do you ever get stuck in a cycle of drafts without publishing? I’m attempting to overcome my fear of the publish button by challenging myself to share a story a day for 100 days.

Embracing Imperfection

I went from living in what appeared to be the perfect neighborhood, in a great house, with the perfect little family, to having my entire life fall apart in a very public way. I got a whole lot better at being myself when perfection was no longer the goal. #100DaysOfStories

Ask Amber

I like to give advice. People like it better when they ask for advice first. This section is the best of both worlds. Ask advice about anything! You’ll get exactly what you’ve paid for. 

For Sale

I’m a writer for my day job, but sometimes I flex my storytelling muscles and do a little copywriting for myself. Enjoy! 

Book: Strategic Neglect

I’m writing a parenting book. Sign up here for a sneek peek and to get on the pre-order list.