This listing for a lost dog was listed in Sept 2018. We never did have anyone credible claim Susan. Despite my insistence I didn’t want a dog, we kept her. Turns out I needed her as much as she needed me. Turns out I’m also the sort of dog mom that calls myself a dog mom and has an instagram account for said dog. I’m not even a little sad about that.

We’ve been calling her Susan. she seems to like it. To be fair, she’d probably answer to anything if you said it in the right tone of voice.

She was hungry and dirty when she showed up, but has received adequate food, water and love in the last 12 hours. My kids can’t figure out why she’s still on the front porch this morning. See above referenced food, water and love.

Come to think of it, maybe that’s why stray kids keep showing up at my house and hanging around. I used to only have only a couple and I swear there’s a new teenager every couple days. I should stop feeding them…

Anyway, my kids (and all the stray kids in my yard) would love to keep Susan, but my landlord would be very upset if she knew about the 14 extra teenagers I’m keeping on the porch in the backyard, I can’t add a dog to that mix.1

Call if she’s yours. Or if you need a cute little doggy named Susan. We live in garden lakes (107 Ave and Indian school).

Also call if you’re missing a teenager.

See that asterisk? We had THREE different people call and make some reference to not knowing if she was their dog… because their dog wasn’t named Susan.
  1. Spoiler, I added the dog.»