Strategic Neglect: The art of #winning at parenting... and life

It's a book about parenting that you'll eventually be able to order. I promise.


A Book? Yes! A Book! (Almost)

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, I decided to write a book. Why? Because I had a great title. How hard could it be after that?

Turns out, really hard. Sort of like having kids. One night of fun turns into years of trying to convince yourself this was good idea. 1

I’m about 65,000 words in at this point and just need to take a couple months off to finish it and do some editing and we’ll be good to go… but my kids like to eat every month it seems. Geesh!

So, I’ll keep plugging away at it and in the meantime I’ll share all my parenting-related posts on this page. If you sign up over there to the right you can get on the pre-order list and you’ll be in the know when the book is ready for public eyes.

Until then, enjoy the parenting articles and stories below.

Xoxo, Amber

  1. Just kidding kids. I love you. Promise.»